Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nickel and Dimed:Effects of Poverty

There are many hardships that come with living in poverty. Of course there is the matter with living in harsh physical conditions, but there is also the matter of facing this difficult society. In Nickel and Dimed, the author, Barbara Ehrenreich, experiences the hardships in society when working as a maid. From her experiences and people that she meets, she learns that maids are looked down upon. Owners are often hostile and unwelcoming towards maids. "Maids as an occupational group, are not visible, and when we are seen we are often sorry for it"(99). People usually look past the poor and in this case, maids. The people in this society who are in living in poverty, are definitely looked down upon, sometimes with no sympathy. They struggle having dignity and having to endure the harshness of this society. They seem to not be treated with the rights that all citizens in this country have. Often, it seems the poor is limited to certain rights. The people who work poor in the US don't have a huge voice or say in anything. The people in the lower class, must endure the hostility of this society in order to get by this life and survive. People who are in the higher class are obviously always treated well. When it comes to the lower class, they are never treated well and sometimes not seemed to be cared for.

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