Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump's Plan to Ban All Muslims

Recently, Donald Trump was telling a crowd in Yorktown, South Carolina about his plans to keep all Muslims out of the United States until the US representatives can figure something out the issues with ISIS. Trump claims that apparently our country has no choice but to do this. Suprisingly, the people in the crowd were cheering on Trump as he was telling his plan. Many of the presidential candidates and people in the Republican party were shocked to hear this. Trump also calls out on Obama for not doing anything and not taking drastic measures on issues with ISIS. Many of his fellow repubublican candidates were against this and said he had no political experience and this was unconstitutional. They said these claims are ridiculous and this system wouldn't even work.

First of all, Trump's claims are all unconstitutional. Our country does not discriminate against any religion. The system of banning Muslims wouldn't work anyways since our country doesn't look at religion during immigration processing and it's not like our religion is listed on our passports. His claims are highly offensive to Muslims and those serving in the army. Also, shouldn't he know better from learning the offense of discrimination and racism from events like Japanese internment camps and black segregation in the past? Trump was just discriminating and showing racism against all Muslims. He's making the assumption that all Muslims are terrorists and we should be suspicious of them.

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  1. Yes, I think this is a very relevant topic, and it definitely needs I be addressed. The only time I the history of our country we have ever banned a race from immifpgratung, was the Chinese. I think our country has come along way sence then, and trying to limit Muslims coming to the United States would be making the same mistake we made in the past.