Friday, November 13, 2015

Missouri Mayhem

Recently, a series of racist events occured at the University of Missouri. Students claim that the president, Tim Wolfe. The president did not act or take any action when there were many racial issues across campus. Many students and staff called out the president of the university and he has recently resigned. He claims that he resigned out of "love" for all the people at the school. The students at the school have been divided whether or not it was necessary for Wolfe to resign. The student activist organization #ConcernedStudent1950 are talking and making demands about how the college campus needs a more diverse and safe environment. Many students want the school to make changes. Some students are even going on hunger strikes. This also led to the football team refusing to play. After these events the university board agreed to start a new initiative on campus to promote diversity. Many students feel these changes are pointless or that it is great that the school is changing into a safe environment.

I think the it is great that the school is making these changes in the school environment. Many students have faced a lot of racial problems at school. A number of students talked about how they felt unsafe or unwelcome at school. There were also a number of times where people also felt segregated when on a bus or crossing the street. I think it's important for these measure to be taken because no one wants to feel unsafe or unwelcome in a learning environment. School should be an environment where you feel welcome and excited to learn. However, some students feel these changes are pointless or unecessary. Do you think the measures that were taken are too extreme?

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Questioning the Enforcement of the Police

Recently, a video of a officer arresting a colored girl at Spring Valley High School has gone viral. The video has blown up all over the internet. The video shows an officer flipping and tossing the girl over a desk while arresting her. The officer was at the school because he was on administrative duty. The officer arrested the student because she refused to leave the classroom and caused a disturbance. People all over the country are appalled by this video and has received a lot of negative attention as well.

When I saw this video, I was shocked to see a student being flipped and dragged across the floor. I was just startled to see a police officer treat a student at school like that. Many people across the country claim that the issue of the police's treatment towards black men and women need to be addressed and fixed. I think that the police need to overlook how they discipline and teach their officers. I think that there also needs to be protection for students at school so that their rights are not violated and they can have a safe environment as well.