Monday, September 28, 2015

Improvement of Mental Heath

The University of Michigan introduced a new program which is called "the embedded model" which increases demands for mental health on campus. According to studies, many students across the nation struggle through depression and stress. Many students were struggling to get help for mental health and counseling on campus. The special program involves specialized staff that are placed in schools that will have easy access for students to get counseling. This is the second year of the program and the results of this program have been very positive. This program makes seeking help accessible for students. There is a lot of stigma around mental health and counseling. However, this program allows counselors to be closer to students and make it easy for students to come in for help.

In my opinion, I think that this program is a great idea for a University. Especially at college, students are probably going through a lot of stress, maybe even depression. There is a lot of stigma around mental health and it was probably hard for students to come ask for help before. With the program, there is easy accessibility to counseling and asking for help. This program has a positive response so far. I think that this program could make huge positive impact on the school and student life on campus.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

School Policy or Discrimination?

A native american student, Jakobe Sanden who's in second Grade got pulled out of his class for having a Mohawk hair style. The schools staff claimed that it violated the schools policies which are no extreme piercings, hairstyles or hair colors that may be distracting. However, the father says that the hairstyle is part of their culture and it is who they are. Teachers claimed that the students weren't used to the hairstyle so the student was sent to the principal's office. The school made the parents get documentation from a tribal leader even though they had tribal membership cards. The boy was never sent home but the father felt the situation was very discriminating and ostracizing.

In my opinion, I think pulling Jakobe out of his class and making a whole commotion about his hairstyle is a bit too much. Everyone has the right to express themselves especially if it has to do with cultures. The student's hairstyle is a part of who he is, his culture and where he comes from. I personally think that the staff of the school overreacted to a mere haircut, especially since it is a part of his culture. Do you think the school was just following school policy or showing discrimination against the student?
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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Meaning of Justice

In The Round House by Louise Edrich, Joe's mother, Geraldine is attacked and raped. These actions were done by Linden Lark and he almost burned her alive too. Joe perceived his mother as a completely different person after she went through being attacked. Joe can see the hurt and pain his mother was going through. When Linden Lark is trialed, they do not press any charges and they do not convict him. He walks around as a free man as if he did nothing wrong. This shocks the whole family and especially takes a toll on Joe. Joe was waiting for the law and the government to bring justice to Linden Lark but now, the law ultimately failed his family and can't help his family. Without the help of the law, Joe decides to bring justice to his own hands. He goes to the golf course with his friend Cappy and kill Lark there with rifles.

I think that I can conclude that Joe is a consequential thinker. He tries to focus on the future consequences rather than the action itself. The law fails to bring justice to Lark so he decides to bring justice to Lark. "Murder, for justice maybe. Murder just the same. I had to say this a thousand times in my head before I said it out loud. But there it is. And I can take him"(280). Joe is telling himself that he is killing Lark in order to get the justice that Lark deserves. No matter what kind of morals he has, he wants to bring the ultimate justice upon Lark to which is the killing of Lark. Lark was free from charges which angered Joe and brought him to make the decision of killed Lark. I think that I identify as a categorical thinker because I don't think murder is right in any sort of case because it takes away someone's life no matter what. I think that bringing punishment itself can bring justice for cases like this one. I just think that Joe and Cappy killed Larden who was unarmed was a little extreme especially because they are so young as 13 years old.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Cecil The Lion

The death of Cecil The Lion has sparked outrage in the the world, media and animal activists.
 A man named Walter Palmer who is a hunter for recreation shot an arrow at Cecil and then killed the lion with a rifle. Palmer has been recently under a lot of negative response from the world. There have been many protests and threats at him and at his workplace where he practices dentistry. His vacation home in Florida was also vandalized. He is disappointed that he caused disruption for his staff and causing uneasiness of safety for his family. He has spent some months out of sight and away from work and has decided to return back to work. He claims that he did not know that the lion was treasured in Zimbabwe and that the University of Oxford was taking taking special research on Cecil, who had a GPS collar. 

People make the connotation that the person who killed Cecil the lion is some cruel murderer who has no heart or sympathy for animals or just in general. However, he is actually a normal man who is a dentist in Minneapolis. He has a normal family. He has received a lot of backlash from the people in Zimbabwe as well. The people there are against his hobby because they see hunting as using animals, like lions as trophies. I do agree with the people that hunting is a bit cruel and violent. However, I don't think people should assume and treat Palmer as a terrible human being with no feelings that just kills animals like second nature. A lot of his staff at work and his family were threatened by their safety by protests and negative backlash. I think Palmer could have been less cruel and more careful by following the laws and being more considerate. But, I think giving him so much hate, threatening him and vandalizing his property is a bit too much. Also, killing Cecil may have been mistake. What do you think?
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